Monday, October 3, 2016

Novant Health 15k recap

I was conflicted about going to this race, I'm not gonna lie. It was a one hour drive away and the hubs didn't want to come with me. He picked up my bib and tee, so I had a little more time,  it I had never been to the Lake Norman area, so I knew that I would need to leave early anyway.
I sucked it up and, after hitting snooze once, got dressed and in the car to make the drive. Which was a straight shoot into NC and no problems at all. 


I parked, walked around a bit, grabbed my friend Robert's bib and tee since he couldn't make it, and then hit the potty for the first time. Nicki and Kristin arrived and we hung out until it was time to go. It was chilly so we had sweatshirts on at first, but we ditched them right before the race started. I stretched my legs and hips and we lined up at the back, but not before we took a pre race selfie with Lissa, who lined up more towards the front.

Nicki wanted to a 30 second run, one minute walk, and that was fine with me. I'm all about staying healthy enough to finish NYC and with my leg feeling so tight all the time, my time goal has changed to a finish without dying goal.
The weather was perfect and the course was beautiful and very well marked. The volunteers were amazing and they kept us hydrated and safe from cars who weren't obeying the signs or the cones. 

It was a hilly course and soon we were walking a lot more. Nicki tapped out at mile 6 or so, and we started mostly walking, which was fine with me. There were a couple people behind us right up until the end, and we were clinging to that knowledge. We were having fun and moving forward, and that was all that mattered. 
As we hit mile nine, Lissa messaged me and said that there was a truck at the finish and to be careful when we turned the final corner. A truck? Really?
The guy behind us rallied and passed us at mile nine. I turned back as we rounded the bend and told the girl behind us that we were almost there. She sprinted the last little bit and beat us to the finish. 
It was just the three of us, and I brought up the rear.

Check out the truck on the left. They are breaking down the finish. I should mention that no time limit was posted. For real. I'm so mad. This is the third race in the series that we have had issues. We got food this time, and water, which wasn't available when we finished the last two. The photographer was packing up until Lissa called him out. No one seemed to care that they still had runners on the course.
I seriously doubt that I will be doing this series next year. Run For Your Life has seriously let me down. 






  1. Fun fact - Huntersville, which is the next town over is where I worked when I lived down there :)