Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Training Update

Did I do one of these last week? I don't think so! 
I will start with Tuesday of last week, then! I had five miles planned and they were pretty decent miles with negative splits. This is not something I work on, but it seems to be happening a lot lately, since my IT Band loosens up after mile three. 

Wednesday I had Girls on the Run, and I usually walk the track with the girls, and then there was a dog walk. Nothing crazy.

Thursday was supposed to be a pseudo long run. My legs just wouldn't loosen up! I had shin pain as well, so after two miles I stopped and walked two more, so at least I got in four miles. Right? Ugh.

Friday I drove to Amelia Island for the Zooma half Marathon and, after being in the car all day, decided to take a two mile walk on the beach. It.was.glorious.

Saturday was the half marathon. After three miles of sheer hell, my shin and IT Band completely loosened up and I sailed through the last ten miles. It was almost as glorious as that two mile walk on the beach. For real. Every doubt hat I had about NYC was just washed away by that run.

Sunday was a rest day. I did get a pic of the group from the RRCA coach certification course, which was awesome.

Aren't we a beautiful bunch?!?

Monday I ran five miles, no shin pain, and my IT Band loosened after the second mile. I swear, I could hear the angels singing.

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Okay, I'm a little childish. Are you surprised? 
Wednesday I was supposed to run but I felt like death warmed over. Darn allergies. I did Muddle through a 20 minute yoga video from Bad Yogi, focusing on shoulders and back. It was pretty nice, I'm not gonna lie. Then off to Girls on the Run, but no laps for me. All that fresh air made me feel worse!
I was determined to make up those miles today. I had to do the six from Wednesday, but I felt so amazing as I ran that I added an extra mile, and took care of Saturday's long run today. Now I can do a Fun Run in Baxter Village on Saturday instead! I still have to decide about those six miles from today, but I'm tapering, so I don't really need them. Hmmmmmm I also did a test run on this new beauty from Skirt Sports, in case it's cold on marathon Sunday. They are super comfy so it's a win!

Oh, and negative splits for the win! I was running under 13 minutes a mile for the last three. I used to be much faster, but with my injuries over the past two years I will take it.

And let me just leave you with this......









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