Sunday, December 4, 2016

January 2017 Challenges

I know, I know, it's only December 4th, but I am lining up my challenges for the new year and I need some help!
I signed up for a few mileage challenges that run all year, but those are things that come a little easy, but will help me tough it out on the days when I'm unmotivated.

I also joined Coach Jenny for her 2017 Challenge and that is an exercise based challenge that has you travel around the world based on how many minutes of exercise you get each day. Even with the time cap, I finished early, but it is definitely a motivator and I've met some great new friends because of it.

I'm also doing the Whole Life Challenge which has a food plan and you earn points based on your choices and your exercise and stretching.

I'm definitely looking for some more, so I need suggestions! I would love some challenges that are strength based.... you know, push ups, squats, etc with a calendar to follow.

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