Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Marathon Training Recovery with EpSoak Epsom Salts #BibRave

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of EpSoak Pro Bath Salts as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (Ambassador) and check out to wrire, review, and find race reviews.
I feel like I have been marathon training forever. With NYC ending and still keeping up my mileage for WDW on January 8th, my body is tired. Add in some Christmas merriment, house cleaning, and cross training, and I seem to have aches and pains everywhere.
I haven't had a bath tub in probably about 15 years, so I have been making good use of the garden tub in the master bathroom since we moved in on Super Bowl Sunday. It is enormous y'all and I am in total love. The hubs even installed a chandelier above it because I saw one in a magazine. Once I had said tub, I started stocking up on bubble bath, bath bombs, and.... most importantly... bath salts. I couldn't raise my hand fast enough when we were offered a chance to try out EpSoak Pro Epsom Salts.

Funny story, and I hope my fellow Pros don't get too mad at me for sharing.... don't worry, I won't name any names.  
When the Pros started receiving the salts, I hadn't opened mine yet. There was lots of chatter about some having trouble getting the jar open. I was reading all of the comments and laughing at all of the funny pics and videos being shared. I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about, and mine opened right up. Ha! I felt so strong! Next, they started talking about finding the scoop inside. You know how it goes, the scoop always seems to sink down during shipping. I think I'm so smart, and I get a wooden spoon out, and start digging for my scoop. karma kicked me right in the butt for laughing when my jar opened so easily. I sent salts everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere.
I got a slotted spoon, took my jar upstairs, sat in my empty tub, and dug it out safely.
For real, people. This is my life.
OK, so let's get serious here. EpSoak Pro comes in a few varieties. I was sent the soothing salts, which was just fine with me. When I opened the jar, the lavender smell was very strong. Have no fear, it is just right in the tub. My bathroom smelled amazing for a couple hours afterward as well! I was so relaxed, I couldn't wait to use it again!
The directions on the jar suggest 2 to 4 scoops. I went with 4 so that I could have maximum soothness. That's totally a word, even though its underlined in red squigglies by my spell check. Squigglies may also be underlined. Whatever.
There is also an Energizing variety with eucalyptus and peppermint,  and an unscented one for sensitive skin that still provides all of the benefits of Epsom Salts.
After my bath, I noticed no residue in the tub, which I loved, because that is not the case with some bath salts and bombs that I have purchased in the past. The smell was soothing but not overpowering, and I felt relaxed and my muscles were definitely less sore.
Intrigued yet?  The San Francisco Salt Company is having a sale right now! The 8.5 pound canister is $3 off and the 5 pound bag is $1 off. If you buy three of the 8.5 pound canisters, you save between $9 and $12, depending on your choice, and if you try the variety pack, with one of each, you save $11.

If you use the code RAVE10 you will receive 10% off of any 5 pound bag. I'm not sure of an expiration on the code, but I will update when I do know.
Have you used Epsom Salts for recovery?

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