Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reindeer Romp 5k

We started off our magical Christmasville day with a 5k race in Rock Hill. This was the official season end race for local Girls on the Run teams. As a coach, I had to get there early, so that when our girls got there, they had a Coach waiting for them.

I found our meeting flag and waited with my red hair spray. I was spraying any girl who wanted red hair and I danced around to keep warm. It was super cold at the start of the day, but it warmed up eventually.

As our team gathered, everyone started making plans as to who was running with who. Every girl had to have an adult buddy, but some of the girls teamed up, and their buddies ran behind them. Since I didn't have a child in the program I offered myself up to a fellow team, since they had some girls with no buddy. One of my girls and her dad decided to stick with us.

The race started a few minutes late, but soon we were off. One of the girls didn't like the crowds so we stayed in the back and started last. It made her so much more comfortable, and that's what Girls on the Run is all about! We decided in advance to run 3 minutes and walk 3 minutes and the girls were really good about sticking together. The course was basically a big loop that eventually brought us back the way we came in.

It was a beautiful course, well marked, with a water stop about halfway through. I also got to see my friend Lissa, who was volunteering as a course Marshall.
Before we knew it, we were running on familiar streets and approaching the finish. The girls all sped up and finished strong! They were so proud of themselves and really excited with their bling!

After they all left, I changed my clothes and the hubs and I hit Christmasville hard! It was like walking through a Hallmark movie and I could not get enough. The hubs is not as into Christmas as I am, but he was being a really good sport.

It was a busy day, and it didn't end there. We still had a trip to the Post Office, Lowes, and the grocery store to take care of. As exhausted as I was, we knew that we needed to take the pups out so we ended the day with a hike.

Whew! I'm ready for bed! What did you do today to get your body moving?

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