Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Training Update and December Goals

Recovery is mostly over and I'm back to mostly working out. How is that for vague and ridiculous?
I have started running and walking again but I haven't really gotten back into the swing with my workouts. This is a recurring issue with me so I'm guessing that no one is shocked. I know I'm not!

Last Thursday I did a Turkey Trot in Charlotte. I wasn't sure what my goals were until I ran into Robert. That's when the goal became having fun. It was a cute race with lots of fun costumes and I got to meet Robert's mom so it was an overall great day!

Friday morning my parents left to drive back to Pennsylvania and I woke up Morgan to go for a hike. I've decided to stop referring to her as the teenie since she is almost 20 and blogs about Theater. I am not at all ok with this, but that's life!

Saturday morning was the Ugly Sweater Fun Run with Fleet Feet. I met up with some ladies I used to mentor and they were walking, so I joined them and caught up on life in general. It was a perfect morning!

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. I did some squats and crunches and planks but nothing crazy.

Monday was our last practice with GOTR, and I wanted to do my Run Streak Mile with them, which is always a good time. The hubs and I also walked the dogs. It was about 70 minutes total.

Tuesday was back to running, and the weather couldn't have been better. It was in the 60s! I set out with no goals in mind, just wanting to enjoy the run. Imagine my surprise when I ended up with negative splits and my fastest time since June!

Wednesday I walked my Run Streak Mile. No pics because walking is not exciting.

Today I did this week's long run because I am running a 5k on Saturday with GOTR. I started out like Tuesday and made my run breaks shorter to slow myself down. I am glad I did because some of the hills were crazy slippery with wet leaves!

December Goals....

60 miles
2 workouts a week that are PiYo or Core de Force
Plank every day
Make good food choices

Pretty simple... it is the Holiday Season after all!

Happy December everyone!

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