Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Training Update

I swear, winter and I do not get along no matter where I live! I cannot shake this cold. but I'm doing my best to get workouts in.

Thursday, I ran one whopping mile before I realized it was too cold and damp to run when I feel gross. No pics because.... gross.

I pretty much sat on the couch on Friday, hoping to feel better for the weekend.

Saturday was our development's Christmas Parade.....

Sunday I did my long run with some friends. It was so freezing cold that my shins wouldn't warm up and we ended up speed walking most of it! 11.5 miles down though, and we saw a ton of deer!

Monday I still felt like crap so I got my steps in front of the TV and did a ton of squats.

Tuesday it was raining so I got my miles done inside. ink own this seems wimpy but I'm sick and the Disney Marathon is looming...

Wednesday was yoga day....

So far I am mostly on track for my December Goals. I say mostly because I am still not planking every day.

How are you doing with your December goals?

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  1. You have a giant house.....time for a treadmill :) Sears has great deals! My TM was orig 1499.99 and I got it for 699.00 !! Plus if you use a sears card there is no interest for 24 months!!

  2. I have access to one at the development gym, I'm just not a fan. my shins always end up hurting afterwards :(