Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday Training Update

The countdown to Disney is winding down!  Morgan and I are driving down on Tuesday (I love that I live closer to Disney than NJ now!) and the marathon is a week from Sunday!
I have been tapering like a boss, maybe not in a good way, but let's be honest. There's nothing I can do now, and NYC was my race of the year, this is for fun. Yes, people. I marathon for fun.

Let's get down to business.

Thursday was all about squats. I've been doing a squat challenge and I needed to catch up. I did about 250. Ouch.

Friday I finally got out there to do my Virtual Run for Rock n Roll. It was my best run since June and it felt amazing from start to finish!

Saturday, Christmas Eve, I went to a group run at Fleet Feet in Fort Mill. My favorite ladies were speed walking so I joined them. We did a little over 2 miles and then the hubs and I ran errands and walked the dogs. 

Sunday was Christmas Day. We had company for dinner a day then we went to a birthday party at our neighbor's house. I got my steps in but that's about it.

Monday I went on a trail hike. It looked like rain the whole time but it was so warm out! 

Tuesday I had a migraine from all the crazy weather but I squeezed out some Core de Force and my steps.

Wednesday I realized that it was the only day to take down the Christmas decorations with our travel next week, and Morgan coming home, so I spent 2 hours up and down stairs, ladders, and benches, carrying boxes. I decided this was enough, especially since I still.cant shaken the migraine. We had a thunderstorm early this morning so I'm hoping that helps!

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