Monday, December 11, 2017

Posterior Tibial Tendinopathy

Otherwise known as Dream Killer.
Ok, maybe it's not that bad.

Let's start with the doctor visit. After some x rays and some painful prodding, it was determined that there was no fracture, but I have posterior tibial tendinopathy.
Basically, the way I run (I pronate) is causing strain on the tendon that runs along the inside of my ankle. I have to ice it and rest it until the pain goes away and then I can resume running. I have some fun exercises to do that will help strengthen the area.

What does this mean for my future plans?

No Mount Dora Half Marathon this weekend...

No Goofy Challenge in January. Ironically, these arrived today...

Most likely, no Trail Gnome Run on New Years Day...


I can start training mid January for my 50k, as long as I behave myself and do my exercises.
I will be able to run Spring and Fall races.

Luckily, I went to the Doc in time. The longer I waited, the worse it could have been. I could be in a boot, or in a cast, or on crutches!

So my winter is suddenly a little less crazy, and I will be getting a lot of rest. I guess that's a good thing!

If you're running Disney, especially the marathon, look for me! I'll be outside of Animal Kingdom, right around mile 14... and outside of Hollywood Studios, cheering my loudest and making as much noise as possible.
I might weep a little weep, but I'll tr6 to keep that to myself.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kiawah Half Marathon Recap

Last week I tweaked my ankle.
Isn't that a great way to start off a race recap?

I don't even know when I did it exactly, but walking around after the GOTR Reindeer Romp I realized that my foot was not ok. I skipped runs all week and did yoga instead.

It still didn't feel quite right, but a huge group of people from my running club were going, the condo was paid for, so I decided to at least go for the weekend and decide about the race once I got there.

Let's be real, here. We all know I was going to run.

So, I drove down with some of my amazing running group buddies and we had a really great drive. We left early enough that there was practically zero traffic getting onto the island.

We checked in super quick, and then walked across to the expo. Benefits of staying at the golf course where the race is held!
The expo was small, so we were in and out in no time.

Our condo was gorgeous! The weather was miserable so I didn't get to see the view, but the living space was incredible!

We had a group pasta dinner that night and all met up in the morning for the race. Most were running the half but we had a handful of marathoners as well.

What a great bunch!

I love my running family!

We all lined up and soon we were off. The course wound all around the island, and the scenery was amazing. Luckily the rain had stopped, but it was very cold and damp!
By mile one I had ditched my sweatshirt but kept the gloves. My foot was low key sore but not too bad.

I was running for 2 minutes and walking for a minute, and as the miles ticked by, those 2 minutes became very painful. My goal was to keep it slow, maintain a 15 minute easy pace, and start walking at mile 10.

I made it to mile 9.
I spent the next 4 miles torturing myself over the severity of my injury and what that might mean for my goals in 2018. I won't know the answer to those questions until I see the doc!

I limped my way to the finish, collected my medal and looked for my people.

Turns out that one of my runners, who completed her first ever half marathon, placed 3rd in her age group!

The amazing man who runs the program I coach for won his age group in the marathon!

We all had some food and went back to the condos to shower and warm up before meeting for dinner.

I did eventually ice the foot, but it still hurts if i walk on it too much, and it's swollen.


Of course, this didn't stop me from taking advantage of the low sign up rate for next year.
I registered for the marathon.
Of course.

I'll keep you posted on the foot. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Flat Mama Friday

Tomorrow is the Kiaweh Half. We have all been stalking the weather reports all week and now it is snowing in parts of South Carolina! Ugh! It is just raining here and really cold! It looks like it will rain.... Right up until we are done.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Flat Mama Friday, Reindeer Romp Edition

Tomorrow morning is the Reindeer Romp, the 5k that we run at the end of our Girls on the Run program! I am so excited to see the girls finish their 5k, some of them for the first time.
As a team, we made tutus. I thought that I had 2 matching tutus at home for my assistant coach and I, but I only had one! I am lending it to her so that she and her daughter can match. I will sparkle instead!

I'm also bringing the usual fun stuff... red and green hair spray and face paint crayons.

Afterwards, I get to run around ChristmasVille, which is such a joy!

I will take as many pics as I can, that don't have the girls in them. I try to avoid posting kids' pics on my blog as much as possible!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to stop shopping and give to those in need. If you don't have a favorite charity, or you want to combine giving to charity and shopping for handmade gifts, please consider donating to MDA Team Momentum.

I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in honor of my Dad, so I'll be fundraising all year. I have been making some crafts and having people make donations in exchange for it!

$15 for an owl hat in your color choices.

$20 Mermaid dress for your AG doll in your choice of colors

$15 minion hat

$10 messy bun hat in your choice of colors

$5 for a headband, I have a bunch of Choices!

I did not make these...

$20 for Mary Poppins. She would look great framed or made into a pillow

$20 for a fox cowl for kids

$20 for Captain Jack Sparrow

Many of these are already made, but some will require a few days to make. Shipping is on me, so long as you live on the U.S.
Just make the required donation and then email me at

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday for Runners

You gotta love Black Friday weekend for deals and sales, but even better is Cyber Monday! You can sit in your house in your pajamas or your sweats, grab your phone or your laptop, and shop all day long. I won't inundate you with tons of websites today, since I'm sure your email is blowing up like mine is, but I will share a few of my favorites!

If you are still planning your 2018 races, check out my discount page, right here on the blog. I just updated it this morning, so it should be accurate, and it is filled with links and discount codes for races all over the country.
Some are having bonus deals just for today...

Illinois Marathon - The BibRave code "2018bibravebonus" will adjust to provide a 10% discount (from our usual $5 off) for the entire day of November 27.
Tobacco Road - Score a deal on your race registration on Black Friday with code "bibrave1" for $20 off!
One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon: From now through 11:59 pm ET on Cyber Monday, everyone that registers for the 2018 #IndyMini will receive a free holiday ornament that’s a miniature version of the 2018 Indy Mini medal. Like the 2018 medal, the ornament is in the shape of milk bottle, is two sided and features Meb’s signature on one side and participant facts on the other side. Ornaments will be shipped in mid-December and are expected to arrive before December 24. They will all come in a commemorative gift box. Also, don't forget the BibRave code to promote is "BRP2018" for $5 off!
More Info:

Once you've chosen your races, head over to my favorite source for cute clothes! Skirt Sports is having a great Black Friday sale and today only you can get an extra 10% off everything in your cart with the code BLACKFRIDAY. This is the only code you can use today, you cannot combine it.

See? Not too many, just enough to get you started! Now I am off to do my own shopping before I start writing up my Christmas Cards!

Happy Shopping!

What deal are you most excited about today?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Flat Mama.... Wednesday?

I know, it's so bizarre, but when you are racing on the most popular race at all year, it calls for a early Flat Mama.

I have a busy long weekend ahead of me!
Tomorrow is the Turkey Dash in South Charlotte, a 4 mile race that I'll be running with a bunch of my fellow run groupies.
I'll be wearing a fun turkey inspired costume...

The socks will likely be hidden by my pants since they have such a wide bottom leg, but i couldn't resist!

On Friday, I will be running a 12 hour event that is raising money for Girls On the Run and Let Me Run. I plan to run 20 miles and that's it. I won't be staying for the whole 12 hours, except maybe to help out once I'm done.

I figure I may as well look cute while I suffer, right? I will need to layer, since it will be in the 30s when I start and the 50s when I finish.

Are you running any races this long weekend?