Friday, January 27, 2017

Chicago Marathon Fundraising Update

Fundraising is hard, y'all.
When I was training for NYC and trying to fundraise, while learning about living in a whole new state, there was a lot of begging involved, I'm not gonna lie.
When I decided to put my name in the lottery for Chicago, just days after finishing NYC, I reached out to my MDA peeps for some luck wishes. My liason told me I didn't need luck, I could get free registration if I ran with Team Momentum again. This was a no brainer for me. I already know that I would run with then if I got in, but this way there was no lottery stress, my bib was a sure thing, I just needed to raise a little more.
I immediately got to work on setting goals, and looking for fundraiser ideas. This is not joke, with roughly 10 months to fundraise, I wanted to find a fundraiser per month to bring in some money.
I shouted out to my friends on Facebook and within days, I had my whole plan mapped out.

$1400 is my minimum to retain my bib, and $2000 is my personal goal, which I hope to blow out of the water this year. I beat my goal last year by over $700, so aim to raise that wish goal before October. As you can see by my check marks, I am ahead so far, but that can change quickly!

I am a visual person, so I also made a goal chart.

I am $8 away from coloring in some more!

My first fundraiser was a paint party. I got really lucky, the store owner was super generous, and she donated a large percentage of the party funds to MDA! The evening raised $156 and we all had so much fun!

This fundraiser was December 14, and this plus some other donations brought me to my December Wish Goal and my January Mini Goal. Score! I was ahead of the game!

Everyone started talking about these cute Messy Bun Caps and I jumped right on board. I am crazy about crochet and I posted on Facebook expecting to sell maybe 5. So far, though, I have raised just over $400 and I'm still selling them! If you want one. it's a $10 donation and I ship free to the US. Here is the link...

They look like this, although this is not my pic, and I can make them in any color you want, as long as Red Heart makes it.

I can also make yoga mat bags...

With the Super Bowl coming next week, I also made up a Super Bowl Pool chart. I am selling squares for $10 each, with half going to MDA and half going to the winners. If you want a square you can PayPal me at

I also secured some great home demo consultants to host parties for me. I have done Jamberry, which raised about $20 and right now I have Pampered Chef going on. The link, in case you need some quality kitchen products, is

Next month is Tupperware, and I have a ceramics store in mind for a fun local fundraiser.

Have you ever done a fundraiser? Do you have any suggestions for me, to use for future fundraisers?

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  1. How about another virtual run?

    1. I'm definitely considering it. my last few were not as successful as prior ones, with all of the new virtual races out with their amazing medals, it's hard to keep up! I will need an amazing idea to make it a success!