Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coaching a Saturday Long Run

Today was my first official day as a running coach! I set my alarm and laid everything out last night so I wouldn't forget anything. I printed up turn by turn directions for my group and put them in my running bag and set aside clothes for afterwards in case the rain started. Perfect plan, what can go wrong?
I woke up when the alarm went off got dressed but ditched the long sleeves because it was already in the 50s. I put my back up clothes in my running bag and filled my water bottles. I even left on time!

I had time to pee and sign in and I was really early. When the others coaches showed up with their printed our directions I realized mine were in the car so I ran back.
No directions.
I took them out to put my backup clothes underneath and never put them back in.
Oh, and I left my Garmin on the counter.
Score points for the new kid!
My group is transitioning from walking to running and they have just begun, so we cut the route down to 3 miles and had a great time out in the neighborhood near the store. After a few left, one runner asked to run some extra miles and we hit almost 6.5 total!

It was dreary and damp but the rain held off until after I got home, which was a nice bonus. I look forward to the weekly track workouts, although my group doesn't always attend.

Have you ever forgotten anything important on your first day of work?

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