Monday, January 2, 2017

Packing for the Disney Marathon

Tomorrow morning, Morgan and I leave for Marathon Weekend in Disney! We will be driving down, and we leave for a cruise on Monday, so we have to pack double! Luckily we have access to a washing machine, but it's still a little crazy.
When I was getting the suitcase out of the attic, I kicked a screw with my heel, and tore a chunk out. For real. I have a hole in my foot the size of a dime. This is not ok. I'm hoping that the marathon won't be a train wreck now, I have 5 days to heal!
I am so glad to be so obsessed with Skirt Sports, because I pretty much packed every one I owned, with a matching shirt, and I have enough for both races, both trips, and I will only have to wash undergarments!
I am still in the process of packing, but I have all the essentials!

Tomorrow is my Blogaversary! Because of the timing, I won't be hosting a giveaway right now, but maybe a belated one later!

Happy Monday y'all, next post will be from Disney!

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