Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Training Update.... Post Almost Marathon Edition

Happy Thursday!
I am still recovering from the almost marathon, but I did get some workouts in!

Thursday we were in Cozumel. We took a 2 mile walk and we also went snorkeling for about 45 minutes.

Friday we were at sea. Morgan and I took a 40 minute yoga class that we dubbed extreme yoga because the ship was pitching a little and balance was harder. I also took a line dancing class that lasted about 30 minutes.

Saturday we drove home. It took about 10 hours. There was no exercise.

Sunday was mostly a laundry and unpacking day, although we did manage 2 different walks that both ended up being 1.7 miles each!!

Monday was another walk, 1.3 miles that time.
Tuesday was a rest day....

Wednesday I was back to running, taking it easy, tired legs.....

What was your favorite workout last week? I definitely enjoyed snorkeling even though the choppy water was a little scary!

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  1. 10 hour drive? now way jose!! i just can do it LOL

    1. lol I've done it three times and it gets worse every time. I booked a flight for April!