Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trail Gnome Run 5k

I started off 2017 trying something new, a trail 5k. I did a half marathon a couple years ago in Pennypack Park in Philly and it was so rough that I haven't done one since. I though a 5k would be okay, even though it is so much hiller here in SC.

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and I left the New Year's party we attended last night before 11. I was worried that I would still feel yucky this morning but decided I would at least give it a try.

The race didn't start until 11:15, total score for me, so I could take my time this morning, and not feel rushed on top of feeling sick. When we arrived it was about 40 degrees and raining lightly. ugh. Not good for someone with a cold and migraines. I was determined, though, so I went to find my friends inside the community center until it was time to start.

We only got to hang out for about 10 minutes before the race director asked us to head outside for announcements. We might have maybe possibly been gabbing, but we mostly got the gist of what he was saying. Mostly. We may have been making goals and goofing off as well.

Time to start! We began on the road, but quickly turned into the trail and that's when it got scary. I was so worried about running the Disney Marathon next week that I mostly took it slow and easy, for fear of wiping out. It was very wet, and the bridges were slippery, as well as all of the roots... a little boy was calling them toe grabbers which I thought was adorable.

The rain held off for the whole race, and I was surrounded by a fun group of run walkers, so it went by quickly. I ran without music so that I could hear if the 17k runners were coming from behind. I did not want to get in their way!
Before long, we were back on the road and finishing!

Lissa took that pic for me!
A volunteer took my raffle tab from my bib and we lined up to get some amazing food made by Legal Remedy Brewery. They had pork bbq, black eyed peas, collard greens, and corn bread. I was told that I had to try it all for luck in the new year.
Ummmm ok. Noooooo problem.

While we ate, the race director called the age group winners and then it was time for the raffle drawing. I was hoping to win a beer glass because it had a gnome on it. When he called my number, I may have squealed. I won a $15 gift card to Road ID and asked if I could have a glass instead. He gave me both!

Lissa wanted one as well, so we waited and waited while the director called so many numbers close to hers. We were moaning and groaning so loudly, and we were in the front of the crowd, so he heard us and was having way too much fun with it. At one point he even said so!
Look what happened though....

She was so happy! She also PR'D the course and she got 4th in her age group! She's pretty much a rock star and definitely my hero!
I am still cold from that race, and chilling on the couch with my gnome race shirt and some gnome leggings I already had.
I hope you all had a happy New Year celebration and I'm leaving you with a group photo of some of the Fleet Feet peeps!
I will definitely be back next year.

Did you start off the New Year with a workout?

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