Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Training for the Maine Coast Half Marathon

As a BibRave Pro I received a free entry into this race

After the lazy way that 2017 started, I really need to get back on the ball. Well, I guess it didn't start too lazy, since I ran the Disney 5k and attempted the Marathon with an injured foot. The cruise was mostly lazy, though! We are home, the house is back to normal, and most of the laundry is finally done!
My training for the Maine Coast Half Marathon starts in 2 weeks and I am so ready to get going. I am still a little tired from vacation, but I am ready to go!

I will be training with my friends, the PG Speed Demons, a running club that meets in the Charlotte area. I trained with them in the Fall for NYC and they have asked me to coach this year! I will be coaching the 13:30+ group and will run my own long runs after the group is done with theirs.

We have yet to make our travel plans, although we will be nailing that down soon. It is the week after our anniversary, which is a nice coincidence. and we really love Maine! Can you blame us?

Want to join me? There is a half marathon and a full marathon, and you can register at http://mainecoast262.com and use this code for 10% off!

Have you ever been to Maine?

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