Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday Training Update, Maine Coast Half Week 3

it's cold here in the south, and for most of my early morning runs it has been in the 30s! Yikes! I hope it warms up soon, even the high 40s would be so much better than these frozen runs we've been doing!

Thursday: Coaching with the Speed Demons and it was hill repeats. Kind of funny, since it's hilly everywhere, but these were legit repeats, 2 hills every half mile, maybe more like a third of a mile!

Friday: rest day! The Boy and I spent over 2 hours cleaning the garage so the hubs could have a man cave. It was his birthday surprise!

Saturday: Long run with the Speed Demons, although it was a cut back week. 6.3 miles with these crazy people!

Sunday: I started feeling really sick on Saturday afternoon. I thought it was a cold but it might be allergies. Even now, I'm still soooooo tired by afternoon. I spent Sunday on the couch, and even missed out on Valentine's Dinner.

Monday: an almost 2 mile walk and Yoga with Adrienne.

Tuesday: Track workout with the Speed Demons. 3 miles done, but my shins felt so tight! ugh!

Wednesday was an errands day but I did squeeze in 10 minutes of yoga and switched out the holiday decorations, which involved a lot of trips up and down a ladder in the garage.

How was your workout week?

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