Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Training Update

You are going to be so proud of me. I'm pretty proud of myself, I'm not gonna lie. Even with allergies kicking my butt, I had a pretty good week of workouts!

Thursday I took it easy because I was still coughing! I went to the doc in the box at CVS and she gave me lots of meds for allergies. I've had to be creative, since they all make you tired, but I'm feeling much better! I did run a mile at Girls on the Run. (I was subbing at another meeting.)

Friday I rested for Saturday's long run. Still coughing.

Saturday we ran 10 miles. Tons of hills and some coughing, but I made it!

Sunday, the hubs and I walked to the Little Free Library via the Carolina Thread Trail, 3.5 miles total. It was also this girl's birthday. She turned 3!

Monday I joined a new gym. It's called 9 Round, and it's a 30 minute workout with lots of boxing. I picked out lime green tape and pink boxing gloves. The owner is amazing and the workout kicked my butt.

Tuesday I blew off the morning run because it was raining. Then I felt guilty so I joined the group that runs at night. 3 miles done and we saw this guy, plus some deer and 2 ducks.

Wednesday was my first official workout at 9 Round. Monday was a trial so he went easy on me. Holy heck. My hands were shaking when I was done, they were like jello. I'm addicted.

I'm loving this new schedule. I'll be running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and then boxing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sunday I will recover, and by that I mean lay around and be lazy. Once marathon training starts, I will have to decide if I will cut out boxing on Wednesdays or do both.

Have you ever tried boxing?

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