Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dark Side 10K

Yikes, my feet ache.
Two down, the big one to go. I was up at 3 this morning to get on the bus by 3:30. There were plenty of busses, at least 5, because last year they didn't have enough. Fine by me!
I got to the start area and made a dash for BB8. I was NOT messing around this time. I was girl on a mission. And a long line!

So worth it though, he's so cute and I knew I wouldn't stop during the race, whether he was there or not!

After that I really only had enough time to pee and look for my corral. Today we were shown the original preview for Empire Strikes Back, it was fun to see the trailer as if it was a new movie just coming out.
We started way faster than yesterday. The corrals were let out in larger groups so it moved much faster.
My goal today was 14 minute miles and I pretty much nailed it. I think my average was 14:07, and I took a few extra walk breaks because it was humid.

The course brought us through Hollywood Studios and ended in EPCOT.

It was a fun course and I got to see a few friends who were spectating...

I was hoping to beat my previous 10k Disney race time of 1:55 and crushed it with a time of 1:27 so I'm pretty happy about that. Plus, I got a selfie with this guy just before the finish.

I loved every minute and can't wait to run again tomorrow, my 50th half marathon!

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