Friday, April 21, 2017

Dark Side 5k and Flat Mama Friday

Holy heck, am I tired!
The alarm went off at 3:30, and I was on my way to the bus by 3:45.

I met up with some Disney running friends from Team Expedition Runners on the line for Jabba the Hut and stuck with them until it was time to hit the corrals. My Jabba pic hasn't come through yet, but here is Boba Fett...

I also ran into my friend Sylvia... she saw me as I walked away from BF...

After a preview of the next movie and a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, the corrals started being released. I was in D so it took awhile!

The race went fast! So many things to see and do, and I had such a good time!

I didn't stop for any characters since the lines were so long! I promised myself I would walk most of it. My average mile was 13:07. Oooops.

I'm still waiting on more of the official photos, so I'll post those at a later date! Some came through, but not all. I did get some cute ones at MK afterwards....

And here is the Flat Mama for tomorrow's 10k...

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