Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday Training Update with Brilliant Reflective

***I received Brilliant Reflective strips as a BibRave Pro (Ambassador) for the purposes of this review. Check out to read and write race reviews!***

I'm going to start this post off with a little story. I'm a running coach, and as part of my duties I am in charge of  3 water stops each season. We meet on Saturday mornings for group runs, and we place water and electrolytes at strategic locations for the group to use.
On one of my days, I was out in my car, in the dark, looking for the perfect spot. A runner ran out, almost in front of my car. She was wearing all black, with nothing reflective to be seen. She scared the crap out of me. Not because she surprised me, but because she could have been killed.
It's easy to forget there are other people out there when you run so early. I've been surprised more than a few times when I was out at zero dark thirty for a run.
Brilliant Reflective sent me 2 packages of their reflective strips, stick ons and iron ons. Being the super lazy human that I am, I tried the stick on strips first.

Check out the before and after shots. The strips look purple in the daylight, but boy do they reflect in the light of my camera flash, or when headlights shine on me! I've washed this shirt 3 times, and they are still firmly attached!

Today I finally sucked it up and got out the iron on strips, and my 4 favorite early morning running shirts. I have one more that's in the wash, so I will take care of that one later. It took me longer to set up than it did for me to make all 4 of those shirts safer!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome! I still have 2 more strips left over, plus a bunch of the stick on strips for future work shirts!

Check out all of the colors and options at Brilliant Reflective. They offer FREE shipping, which is a nice bonus, plus if you use the code BIBRAVEPRO25 before Tuesday 4/11 at 11:59pm CT you will get 25% off!
What color is your favorite?

Ok. Now that we know how I've been blinging out my running shirts, let's talk about my workouts.

Thursday, 3.25 miles with the Speed Demons. We did hills. I hate hills, but this Saturday's half marathon is notorious for hills so I had to suck it up and run them.

Friday was 9 Round plus a bunch of walking in front of the TV to get my steps. As much as I love 9 Round, I barely break 2,000 steps.

Saturday was long run day, 8.1 hilly miles. Did I mention how much I hate hills? Then I was off to Jersey for a long weekend.

Sunday we were in NJ, we walked for about an hour in Asbury Park.

Monday we were still in NJ. We went to Allaire State Park and hiked and searched for geocaches.

Tuesday we were stuck in Jersey because our flight was cancelled. Since I missed our morning run I met up with the a Run Fit group and ran with them that night. After the debacle Monday and Tuesday with the airline, I didn't want to run. So of course I ran. 2.5 mostly flat miles.

Wednesday I was back at 9 Round. Matt made us do about 100 push ups. I hate Matt.

Well, not really. Buy I was too sore to go back today, and I can't go tomorrow. It's too rough on my legs the day before a hilly half marathon. I managed a workout every day, so I'm super proud of myself.

What was your favorite workout this week?
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