Monday, May 1, 2017

Chicago Marathon Training Has Begun!

I am in shock! How is it already time to start training?

My first official training run actually happened in Nashville! I had 3 miles on the schedule, ran 9 and walked most of the last 4. I think that's pretty ok! For the 1 mile recovery run on Sunday, I walked the dogs instead.

So, here are a few numbers for you....

That's the number of days until the marathon!

The number of dollars I have raised so far!

The week that I will get my corral assignment!

Holy heck!

This is getting real, y'all.
And if that's not real enough, this arrived today....

My training shirt! Thankfully, it's a tank! Hopefully we get one with sleeves for the race! I imagine it will not be tank weather this October!

Are you training for a big race?

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  1. Awesome!! Chicago is usually pretty warm so you probably dont want sleeves :)