Monday, May 15, 2017

Maine Coast Half Marathon Recap #bibchat

I received entry into this race as a BibRave Pro (ambassasor) for the purposes of this review. Check out to read and write race reviews.

Because we were staying so close to the start of the race, we got to sleep in, which was nice. By sleeping in, of course I mean that instead of getting up at zero dark thirty, we got to sleep until 6. Apparently the sun rises way early in Maine, and we didn't draw the curtains shut, so we were up by 5:30. Oh well. It was a nice thought.
The hotel has free breakfast starting at 6 so we went down to meet up with some other Pros, and with my friend Shannon, who flew in from Jersey to run with me.

After some breakfast, the hubs drove us to the start and we hung out in tne car for a bit before going to the start. There were plenty of potties and pretty much no line, which was nice.
We got into our corral (the last one) and waited to start. They started each wave by blowing into a conch, which was a nice touch, and surprisingly loud. They also mentioned that the course was open, which means traffic is flowing all around you. This did not thrill me.

We started off doing a 2:1 run walk. Shannon has been working way too many hours and not training, so she was worried about pace. I told her we would play it by ear, and not to worry.
The hubs followed along with us for the first couple miles, until it became too hard, because of runners in both directions.

The first 2 miles were terrifying. Traffic was flowing all around us and there was little to no shoulder to run on, so cars were whizzing by us. Many honked angrily and drove way too fast, and way too close!
The view, though.

The course brought us through some neighborhoods from miles 3 to 6, and the marshes were beautiful. The roads were a nightmare but the view was divine. One of the water stops had a Survivor theme which was fun, just after mile 4 where we turned around for one of a few out and backs.

Once we got to mile 6 we were back along the ocean and that is when Shannon and I started making it a goal to pass whoever was in front of us....

First was lady in black...
Then sparkle skirt lady.....
We had our sights set on blue shirt girl for awhile. Although the game was fun, it couldn't distract Shannon from the pain in her feet and she started running less and less. Around mile 9, she actually hooked up with black shirt and sparkle skirt and I ran on ahead.

I passed blue shirt lady at mile 11, and also passed Power Ranger girl right after.

Around this time, I stopped being able to see Shannon behind me, but I knew she was back there kicking butt.
Around mile 11, the course turned away from the ocean and headed back towards the University of New England.
There were lots of locals in their yards over the last couple miles and I passed another 4 runners or so. I was winning that game if it killed me.
The final tenth of a mile was a little precarious, there was a rickety bridge like apparatus that they constructed to help us over a gully on the side of the road. It bounced as I ran over it.
Someone announced my name and home town as I finished and I was given my bling and a reusable water bottle.

I waited at the finish for Shannon, and watched as they started to pack up the finish line. They kept up the microphone and speaker until the last minute so Shannon got to hear her name and cross the finish.

The after party was still going and they had live music, massages, food, a beer garden, and a place to refill your water bottle. The food was slightly stale bagels, bananas, watermelon, yogurt, and oreos. It's the most food I've seem at a finish in awhile, with the exception of Nashville.

Overall it was a good race. I enjoyed the views, the water stops and porta potties were plenty, and the medal was cool. I was NOT a fan of the open course, it was super unsafe and scary.

Have you ever run on an open course?
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  1. Looks like a stunning course! But that's too bad it's an open course, they probably couldn't get the permits or didn't want to pay to have it done. Overall though sounds like a fun race, and nice bling! Great job!!!