Thursday, May 18, 2017

OOmgs by OOfos, Recovery Shoes!

I received a pair of super cute OOmgs by OOfos as a BibRave Pro for the purposes of this review. Check out to read and write race reviews!

If you're a runner, especially a distance runner, you've most likely heard of Oofos flip flops. I have 3 pairs. Yes, three. In the space of about 3 weeks, I bought a new pair, won a pair on Instagram, and was given a pair by a friend. Winning!
When I was given a chance to check out new OOmg shoes, I did a little jig and signed right up.

Okay, maybe it was a big jig. For real, y'all, they are seriously cute. They also arrived right on time for me to pack for my trip to Nashville for the Rock n Roll Half.

I put them on in the parking lot after the race and wore them for the rest of the day. They are so comfy and they really helped my legs after all those hills. I may have even taken them mini golfing that night. Yes, I mini golfed after running a half marathon. I worship mini golf.

What makes OOmgs so great? They absorb 37% more shock than traditional foam footwear. It's the Oofoam that does it.

The footbed cradles your arches and relieves pressure on your legs, which reduces stress on your aching feet, knees, and back.... which is why they flew with me to Maine for another hilly half marathon.

I wore them all around Portland that afternoon. Have you been to Portland? It's super hilly, but my legs and hips were sooooo happy!
The flexible Oofoam also allows your foot to move more naturally, which is what made them great for cornhole on Wednesday night!

I lost in the first round, don't judge me...

I'm obsessed, I'm not gonna lie. When I pack for Ragnar in a couple weeks, they are the first things going in my bag! I'll wear them between legs, and my feet will thank me!
They come in other colors, so if you aren't into crazy bright colors like I am, there are still OOmgs for you!

What color will you get?
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