Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Training Update

I love marathon training..... in the beginning! Don't get me wrong, I love the challenge of marathon training, I love that I can make my body run for hours on end. There is something special about the beginning of a training plan, though. The runs are short and yet I'm still knocking out that plan!
I've been following the Chicago Marathon plan that Run For Your Life has for members. (RFYL is a running store in Charlotte, it's the company that I coach for.)
My daughter is visiting from college for a couple of weeks, so I pretty much just ran, but I've tried to move a little every day.

Wednesday.... Trail hike to the Little Free Library. It was about 3.5 miles and pretty warm out, but it was about to start raining pretty much every darn day since, so I'm glad I got out there!

Thursday.... 5.3 miles coaching. Seems like a strange number, right? One of the ladies dropped her phone, but she didn't know where, so we had to go back to look for it. Turns out she dropped it at the start! Our 4 miles became a little longer.

Friday..... total lazy day with my daughter, I'm not gonna lie.

Saturday.... Run Ballantyne 8k, and a 5 minute PR! It was a hot and humid day, but I loved every minute!

Sunday.... rest day

Monday.... 3.5 mile walk on the trail. It was a little muddy, so we walked back on the street.

Tuesday.... heavy rains kept me from running with the group, but I got in 3 miles once it stopped. It was so nice and cool out that I walked an additional mile.

Wednesday.... Morgan and I went for another walk, this time on the road since the trails are too muddy. It was a little misty, but otherwise a great day. We walked to the park and did all the stretchers and then walked back. 3.1 miles plus the stretches.

Not a terrible week, but I miss 9 Round! I hope to get there soon, so I don't lose too much of my training. Next week is Ragnar, so be warned.... many crazy posts will be coming!

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  1. Man I wish I could get past whatever mental thing makes it so I cant follow a training plan....I mean right now I cant do anything but in general......

    1. I can mostly follow one although I've been known to blow off a couple of the really long ones towards the end. not smart, I know, but as long as I get in at least one 18 to 20 mile run, I'm pretty happy!