Monday, July 3, 2017

Peachtree Road Race Expo

Wow, this was one of the largest expos that I have been to, and it's only a 10k! I've been to smaller expos for a half marathon!

We arrived in Atlanta, and with almost no trouble, found the parking lot and headed over to the expo.

Before entering, we found a wall of names, like the one at the New York City Marathon, and found mine easily.

After collecting my bib, (no tee yet. You get that at the finish line) we found another great wall...

The expo was a little crazy, but there was no pushing and shoving like I've seen at other races. Lots of prize wheels where I won some mostly useless swag, and lots of races and stores to look at.

I did manage to spot a fellow Skirt Sports Ambassador, Heather, so we snapped a quick pic and found out we are in corrals next to each other. Hopefully I can find her among the 60,000 runners that will be out there tomorrow.

The hubs and I tried to check out the Coca Cola tour, and then the Aquarium, but the lines were too long, so we gave up and went to the hotel instead. Time to find a dinner venue and score some cookies before we turn in for the night.

Have you ever run such a large race?

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