Friday, August 18, 2017

Chicago Marathon Training Update

50 days until the Chicago Marathon, people! I'm still plugging along and following my training plan through my Charity Team. This weekend is a cut back week. These are my favorite weeks y'all. They always seem to come at a time when you are sure you cannot possibly carry on. Of course, that means that next week the mileage goes up, but I'll jump off that bridge when I get to it!

Okay, so last week's workouts....
We were in Jersey for part of the week, which meant that in order to get my steps I was mall walking and airport walking, but I did it. We got back Thursday afternoon and I just crashed.

Friday, 42 minutes of Hard Corps...

Saturday.... 14 mile long run. I did the first part with my training group and then the last 6 with some faster ladies. And by the last 6 I really mean 4. Because I walked two. This is why I tell my group to run your own pace. Trying to keep up only wears you out!

Sunday was a rest day. We went to a cavern and walked a bit, and I led a yoga DVD class in my neighborhood that night.

Monday.... 90 minutes of walking to get my steps for the Step Bet!

Tuesday... 5 miles on the track with my running group, plus 45 minutes of yoga with my neighborhood gals.

Wednesday.... Brick workout! 45 minutes on the bike and 2 miles in the neighborhood. Also did 22 minutes of Hard Corps and played corn hole. Whew!

Overall, a very good week with lots of variety. I am getting the hang of this!

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