Sunday, August 13, 2017

Join My Step Bet!

Last month I finally took the plunge and joined a Step Bet. I picked a $20 challenge and prepared to step my heart out. When you join, the app uses data from your chosen device to choose your goals. You have 4 active days and 2 stretch days, which are several thousand steps higher. I'm thankful for that one day off, I'm not gonna lie!

So. The bet lasts 6 weeks. Your first week is a trial week, to help you get your groove on. If you miss a second day, no biggie. After that first week, if you miss more than your one rest day, you're out, and your $20 gets divided among the other players. There are currently about 180 less people in the challenge I'm doing, and I'm going to earn close to $10 extra dollars!

I'm having so much fun finding ways to get my steps in, that I decided to start my own Step Bet!

Join by clicking here!

It starts on September 1, and has a $20 bet, which is the lowest they allow. I even started a Facebook group for extra motivation. Join me, and Step Into Fall, Barking Mad style!

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