Friday, September 15, 2017

Staying Visible with the Stunt Puppy Dry Collar

I received this beautiful Stunt Puppy Go Dog GloDry Collar for the purposes of this review as a Bib Rave Pro (Ambassador). Check out to read and write race reviews!

With a blog name like mine, you have to know there are pups in my life! We are pretty active with our pups. We have to be, corgis have tons of energy and would lose their minds without some activity!

Add in the South Carolina heat and humidity and you have potential for some stinky, nasty dog collar situations!
When Stunt Puppy offered me this awesome dog collar to test out, I was immediately intrigued! A collar that is waterproof, stink proof, and visible at night? Shut the front door!
We walk our dogs a lot. This is probably an understatement! We trail hike, we walk early in the morning and late at night, and sometimes we run with them, as well. Anything to tire them out after they've been inactive all day.

This adjustable collar is just what we need! It adjusted easily to fit comfortably on Memphis and it withstands 225 pounds of pull, which is super important when you're uber social pup wants to meet the dog walking across the street.

It has 2 D Rings. Why 2? One for the leash and one for the tags! Genius! No more crazy jingling going on while you walk.

When you get muddy out on the trail, it cleans off easily as well.
I am in love, and Memphis is too!

He is so in love that he wanted me to show you this discount code so your pup can have one too!
Check out Stunt Puppy online, they have so many amazing products! There are some seriously cute patterned collars and they've just added a collar with your pup' s ID printed right on it!
They have amazing leashes as well, we love ours!

Which collar would you pick for your pup?

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