Monday, September 25, 2017

Tapering for the Chicago Marathon

Tapering for a marathon can be a glorious thing. No more crazy long runs, weekday runs are shorter, and race day is finally in sight.

My packet arrived today for the race, and it's getting super real.
When I was training for NYC, I hated tapering. Running less made me a little bit crazy. This time, though, I'm kind of enjoying the taper.
I have felt much better after my long runs this time as well, which was unexpected. It could be from running a bit slower for some of the miles, but I'm not sure.

I used my last long run as a chance to race, and this weekend is only 8 miles! I have run weekday runs that long so this is a nice change.
Who would have thought I would ever use the word "just" to describe an 8 mile run!

13 days to go, and I'm enjoying this taper!

Have you ever tapered? Did it drive you crazy or did you bask in the glow?

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