Sunday, September 3, 2017

Upcoming Races

I had planned to blog about weekend adventures, but the hubs is at a dirt bike event so I'm on my own today. Instead, let's talk about some upcoming races.
Ever since I started coaching, the list has gotten shorter ....

Ramblin Rose Triathlon in Huntersville, NC. This will be my first tri and my 200th race!

I will be running my 53rd half marathon with Christie. She's one of the amazing ladies I coach and she's become a very good friend!

National Night Run at the Charlotte Speedway. This is a 5k, and not meant to be an actual race, which is perfect, since it's the week before....

I can't believe it's a month away...almost. I have raised $3000 for Muscular Dystrophy, I'm training hard, and I'm more or less ready to do this thing.

My 54th half marathon. I'm running with Christie again and hoping to see some other friends there!

Race day for the ladies I'm coaching! I'll be running the half marathon, but I'll be staying to cheer for the marathoners!

This is a 4 mile race, which I think is bizarre, but it's very popular here. I might dress up, but I'm not sure. Maybe as a cook again, maybe not. I'll decide when it gets closer!

My final race of 2017 will be with Girls on the Run. I'll he coaching for my 3rd season here in SC, 6th season overall. After the race, the hubs and I will visit Christmasville, which is like walking through a Hallmark movie. Such a fun day overall!

Whatever do you look forward to this Fall?


  1. Good luck with your first tri!! Enjoy it, and be careful not to get addicted, haha. ;)