Friday, December 15, 2017

2018 Achievement Board

I've been thinking about my goals for 2018, something I've been doing every year since 2013...

I was watching a Christmas movie based on Little Women in December 2012 and Meg suggested to Jo that she make a board for her goals and color them in as she met those goals.
It was like a light bulb turning on in my head! Genius!

Each year starting in 2014, I chose my one word. That word would get me through the year, and was based on my goals.

Some years I managed to find shirts with my word on them, and every year I've gotten a bracelet.

I don't always meet my goals, and that's ok. Some of them are fitness related, work related, life related... All of them are attainable.

I tried to get posterboard today so that I could start my board for 2018, but neither store I went to had the right size. For now, I leave you with this...

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