Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Active Family with Stinky Clothes? SweatX to the Rescue!

I received SweatX laundry detergent and Odor Eliminator Spray as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

I have an active family, as I'm sure most people do! My son loves muddin in his jeep, cycling on the trails, skateboarding, and dirt biking.
The hubs dirt bikes, and that's pretty much it's unless I drag him on a run or a trail hike.
Add in my running, yoga, etc and we have a pretty large amount of stinky laundry.

When I was given the opportunity to try out SweatX I jumped right on it. I'm sure you have all experienced some of the things that make SweatX important.

Running a race, even a local one, and changing afterwards. You shove all your sweaty stinky running clothes into the drop bag and throw it in the car. And then you forget about it. What a special smell it is when you remember it the next day. You wash it, and you think it's clean, until you wear it again. As soon as you start the sweat, the smell comes back in force. Gross.

Racecations are worse. You stay in a hotel, with no access to a washing machine, and your clothes get washed 3 days later.

The hubs is infamous for coming home with 2 day old, muddy, nasty, stanky clothes from dirt bike events.

And then there are the times you leave your favorite hat in your duffle bag, and when you go to wear it, it stinks. You don't have time to wash it, but you do have time to spray it...

SweatX exfoliates stains and infested sweat that comes back to haunt you the next time you wear it. It's biodegradable and non toxic, and can be used on all fabrics! I can use it in my high energy washer and it only takes a little to do a load, which I love! One ounce is enough for a whole load!

The Odor Eliminator Spray removes odors from all of your stinkiest sports gear, from pads to shoes to helmets, and more! It doesn't just hide the smell, it provides long lasting odor elimination. It's biodegradable and non toxic! Just spray it on, let it dry, and go!

You need to check out their website here for all of their amazing products! They have free shipping in January and if you use the code BibRave15 you'll get 15% off! What a great deal!

Which product will you try first?


  1. I actually bought these products a while back and I dont feel they work any better or worse than regular detergent. I was most hopeful for the spray on my older tech shirts in the armpit area but they still stink :(