Saturday, February 10, 2018

AllState Charlotte Hot Chocolate 15k

I received entry into the AllState Hot Chocolate 15k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews....

Whew! What an exhausting day!
This race today was all about friendship, I'm not gonna lie. Not the Big Brother Paul kind of friendship, actual amazing running family kind of friendship.

I missed the group photo, but this is my awesome running family. They are the most amazing, caring, supportive people I have ever met! Since the race was so close to home, a lot of us were there this morning. Many aren't even pictured because they were running the 5k, and it started before the 15k.

These goofballs are the reason I missed my running club photo. We stopped for some pics and then I was late. I ran Ragnar last June with these guys, and if you can stay friends after that, you are friends for life!

Tasha and Lissa are non-running club running friends. I help Lissa with our MRTT chapter and Tasha, a friend of Lissa's (and now mine) and I met through her. Tasha runs with another RFYL store.

So, I carpooled with my running club pals, and we parked fairly close to the start. After porta potty stops and a few pics it was already time to start. It was in the low 50s and a little misty and I was ready to run!

I decided to run with Tasha, she was worried about her pace, and I was worried about going too fast, so soon after my injury, so we were a perfect duo.

The hills were seriously scary, y'all. I went line dancing last night and my hips and calves were really sore from the start. After a few miles they definitely loosened up, and I was running easier. But those hills. Damn.

The maximum pace for the race was 15 minutes per mile, and we basically stuck right to it. I never once saw the sweeper, and there were always people behind us.

At about mile 7.75 Tasha had pretty much had enough. She hadn't been focusing on running lately and I was super impressed that she kept it up that long! She decided to walk it in, and I ran ahead.

Lissa had finished long before, with a shiny new PR, and was waiting when I finished.

She waited for Tasha, and I met up with my club friends. Time to get my chocolate! It was a bit of a walk but so worth it!

I drank my cocoa and had a few snacks and then went to meet up with Tasha and Lissa.

We talked for a bit and then it was time to have lunch with my club friends.

It really was the perfect morning, there is nothing quite like running with friends. Since Hot Chocolate has a 5k and a 15k, there really is a race for everyone!

Oh, hey! Before I forget, are you on Athlinks?

It's an amazing website, and now an app, where you can claim your results from past races! They have made some exciting additions to the site, so now you can add friends and rivals, plus future races so that you can see who will be there running with you! SO much fun!
Check out my results for Hot Chocolate Charlotte here!

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