Sunday, February 11, 2018

Facing My Fears in 2018 Part One

For my 45th birthday this April I decided that I would do something that scared me. I chose ziplining, but not for the reasons you would normally assume. I'm not afraid of heights, or of falling. I am afraid of how I will look while I'm doing it. I know that I am overweight, I actually fall under the obese category. I'm afraid of how I will look, or what people will think.

I decided that I wouldn't let that fear get in my way, and I would try ziplining in April when I turn 45.
This started me thinking about other things I could do, one each month, that I'm afraid of.
Some of these may seem silly to others, and I am ok with that. This is *my* list. I was asking for suggestions, and some of things that my friends suggested (a helicopter ride, for example) were things that I've done without a second thought. Everyone has different fears, and they are all valid.
While I was making my list, I saw that a local Amercan Legion had a line dancing club that met every Friday night!

Gasp! I love line dancing. I shared it on my wall and asked for interest from my friends. No one expressed any interest to me, but a few friends went anyway and didn't include me. I was heartbroken . They said they hadn't seen my post, and didn't think I would be interested so they didn't ask me.
The hubs said I should just go alone.

Whaaat? Go somewhere alone?
What if I didn't know anyone?
What if I was dressed wrong?
What if I got laughed at?
What if I couldn't do it?

For real, y'all, these are the thoughts that went through my mind. I realized that this needed to be my first fear, and if I didn't do it right away, it would be another month or so before I had an open Friday night.

On Friday night, I'm not gonna lie, I had 20 reasons why I should just stay home.
This is what I do when I don't want to do something because I'm scared, nervous, or intimidated.

The Olympics are on.
I have a race tomorrow.
I'm tired.
And on and on and on.

But I went. I paid my $5 and jumped right in. I promised myself I would stay for an hour and go home to get an early bedtime for Saturday's race.

I was one of the youngest there. I had no clue what I was doing. I messed up. A lot.

I had so much fun. I caught on pretty quickly most of the time. I ran into some of the ladies I know from volunteering at the book store. I had

The first time I looked at my watch it had been more than an hour. I ended up staying for about 90 minutes!

I loved every minute and I cannot wait to go back at the end of March.
I learned a few important things about runners who line dance. Line dancing is hard on your hips and calves! These are the muscles that suffer the most on hilly races. Saturday morning was rough, but so worth it!
I conquered my first year!

Next up....

Aerial Yoga in March. Look out for my post, I am signed up for an 8 week class that starts the first Monday in March.

Have you ever tried Aerial Yoga?