Friday, February 2, 2018

Flat Mama Friday AllState Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15k Edition

I received entry into the AllState Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews!

Tomorrow morning, after I coach my pace group's long run, I'm jumping in the car with Lissa and we are headed to Atlanta for the AllState Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15k!

We will be twinning with the hoodies so we should be easy to find at the expo! We will be arriving some time around 2, if all goes well. Look for us!

It will be raining on race morning so I had to choose accordingly. I might bring a second shirt to wear underneath for warmth, but this is the general idea. The Bib Boards will save my shirt from getting pin holes.

I will be using my buff on my wrist to wipe water out of my face, although I'm hoping that my sweet Boco Trucker Hat will take care of that! I will also be packing this....

pjuractive 2skin will take care of my sports bra area and toes, to prevent blisters and chafing in a rainy race! Lissa is already asking if I'll share.... which of course I will. What are running besties for?

That hot chocolate is going to taste like heaven at the finish!

And the fleece jacket will be heaven sent after the race!

Be on the lookout for way too many pics on Twitter and Instagram!

Have you run the All State Hot Chocolate 15k? What location?

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