Thursday, March 15, 2018

Face Your Fears, March Edition

Everybody has a list of things that scare them. Whether it's spiders, clowns, horses, or heights. Maybe, for you, it's none of the above. Everyone has a different list.
This is the year of my 45th birthday, and I compiled a list of things that scare me, one for each month of the year.
Well, except for January, which is the month that I made the list.

Last month I went Line Dancing. Alone. This may seem silly to a lot of people, but for me it was huge.

This month, I chose Aerial Yoga.

I got super lucky and scored a Groupon for Aerial CLT, in Pineville NC. This is a quick 25 minute ride from my house in SC. The Groupon was for an 8 week beginner course in silks.
I missed the first week because it started the day I travelled back from NOLA, and I barely made it back in time. I was exhausted. I had maybe 15 minutes to change and jump back in the car if I wanted to get there on time, so I opted for the couch.

An excuse?

Let's talk about why it scares me in the first place.

I'm not really afraid of heights, although falling from them doesn't sound especially fun.
I was afraid of being the biggest girl there.
I was afraid that I would suck.
Before I registered, I was afraid I would be too big.
I was definitely afraid to see the pics afterwards.
Let's not even start about doing something new on my own.

So let's break it down from start to finish.

I arrived at the Yoga Studio, and it was one big room, as you can see from the photo above. There was a cute little girl getting a private lesson, and she was doing some pretty amazing things, considering it was her 3rd lesson.
This got some of the ladies talking, and they were saying how hard it was at the first lesson.

Soon, the other beginners started to arrive, and some of my fears grew just a tad.

I'm pretty sure I was the oldest one there, which I didn't know was a fear until that moment.
I was definitely the biggest girl there. Luckily, when I registered, the weight limit was posted and I didn't come anywhere near it.
I sucked. But not at everything.

I was also not the only one to miss the first class, so I wasn't necessarily holding everyone back. Another fear that hadn't occurred to me until that night.

We started off with a review of the week before, which helped the 2 newbies.
We had to wrap our hands in the silks and lift our knees to our chests. Repeatedly.
Oh my heck.
Y'all, I have the upper body strength of a newborn. This sucked a lot. For real. I was worried.

Next we did a foot hold that I barely managed. I managed to get myself about 3 inches off of the ground. Seriously. Then we were supposed to pull ourselves up again. That so did not happen, so now I have a goal for my next class!

Okay, so now I'm freaking out a bit because my gazelle of a partner was really good at the first hold. I was feeling a little self conscious, but I decided to be a good sport about it, and that definitely changed the way I looked at the class.
The next thing we worked on was a more secure foothold. You had to pull your knee up really high, which I sucked at, to get the silk wrapped around your foot. Once I figured out the best way to do that, I rocked it.

We worked on a few positions after this, which mostly involved leaning away from the silks and curling into little balls. I was really good at this!
Our final position was to wrap our foot into the silk and make a cocoon around us. It was a little difficult to get started, but it was fun to do!
Afterwards, we had a few minutes to take pics in the pose of our choice. No time for anything crazy, though.

Not super proud of that mid section, but look at me up there! I look awesome! I will post more impressive pics next week, if I can.

Some of my fears definitely came true, but I am glad I tried it, and I cannot wait to go back on Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday were hell on my arms, but today I feel almost normal, so I'm optimistic that next week will be better.

My April fear is ziplining, and I will be booking that in the next few days. The Boy has expressed interest in joining me, and I hope he does, it will be more fun with someone to enjoy it with.

Have you tried Aerial Yoga? Ziplining?


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