Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Packing for Disney Star Wars Weekend

The time has finally come, I fly south tomorrow afternoon for Star Wars Race Weekend! I've probably done a dozen posts about what I pack when I travel for a race, but here I go again, anyway!

I pack each race outfit in a ziploc bag. This makes it easy to prep the night before, which means more time in the parks!

I also pack my gear for race day: Amphipod vest, Knockaround sunglasses, CTM band for recovery, as well as little things like lip balm, pjuractive etc.

I also throw in a pair of Oofos for walking around after the race.
This all goes in my checked bag.
What's even more important is what goes in my carry on.

Y'all, never pack your shoes in your checked bag. If it gets lost, your race is over. I also pack at least one race outfit in there.

Also in my carry on... my waivers, Magic Band, etc, plus a few fluffy books to read in the airport and on the plane.

I still have to switch over to a vacation purse, one that is small and lightweight for the parks.
Another trick I have for traveling to Disney is gift cards. I hate carrying cash around, so I stock up on gift cards, and assign them jobs. Ones for dinner, one for the expo, one for shopping...

I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything! I'm sure I will add some things as the night goes on!


  1. I do the ziplock thing for multi run weekends too...every since I did it for RAgnar and it worked so well! I still have nightmares about VIA when I forgot my shoes so they are always the first thing packed.

    1. Omg what a nightmare that was for you! I always remember that, and I always pack my shoes and soon as possible!