Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday Training Update

This past week wasn't quite as impressive as the week before, I'm not gonna lie. I travelled Friday to Sunday and it definitely put a cramp in my workouts!

Thursday was a coaching day, 3 miles at the Greenway. There was some tenderness in my right ankle (older injury) which freaked me out but it turns out I'm just out of shape, and it was temporary. I'm loving the new Asics, they feel great on my feet!

Friday I flew to NJ for my daughter's engagement party. I was planning to walk the airport to get my steps, since I joined a Step Bet, but it was a gazillion degrees so I skipped it. I sat and read instead, handy since there was a delay.

I did walk that night though, and got my steps in. My watch started to die and I realized I forgot to bring a charger. I still needed one more day, and I panicked. Luckily my bro has the same Fitbit and he brought his charger to the engagement party. Which was...

Saturday was the engagement party. I would have had a ton of steps if my watch wasn't charging over by our table!

We met up with friends afterwards and it was a great day!

Sunday we toured the venue for the wedding. So sad that my baby is getting married, but the venue was amazing!
I flew home and got my steps in front of the TV. It took over an hour! So thankful to my brother for saving my butt, and my $40 StepBet!

Monday I walked for an hour and did some challenge exercises. Squats, lunges, and other torturous things.

Tuesday was speed work. We met up at the track for 3 miles and I tried my new Amphipod for the first time. I'm looking forward to racing with this badboy, it's super comfy and has tons of pockets!

I ended the "week" with Body Pump. It's still kicking my butt, so I'm leaving the weights the same for a little longer!

Oh, and there's this...

Zoiks! That's not scary at all!
What was your favorite workout this week?

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