Sunday, May 27, 2018

#LiveMoreNow with Buff, Family Edition

I received Buff products as part of being a BibRave pro (Ambassador). Check out to read and write race reviews!

My daughter is visiting from New Jersey this week, and besides hardcore watching Super Hero movies, we also like to get outdoors! We considered hitting Crowders Mountain, but Morgan slept in, so we decided to hike the Carolina Thread Trail instead.

It's hot and humid in the South, so we watch chose one of my Buff products and hit the trail with our photographer... ok, the hubs...

Our Corgi also loves the trail. So many smells, creatures, and other hikers... who he always manages to con into petting him!

My favorite part of the trail is the suspension bridge that connects South and North Carolina. They even have signs on the bridge so you know when you've crossed over. The bridge sways a lot as you cross it....

But you can't beat the view!

Okay, maybe after a storm the view is a little hectic! We have had a lot of rain and wind this past week. We definitely had a great time out on the trail, especially thanks to our Buff products, which kept the sweat out of our eyes and the sun off of my head!

How are you Living More Now this weekend?

Check back next week. I'll be traveling to Colorado for some crazy adventures, including yoga, hiking, and a half marathon that is all downhill!

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