Sunday, May 6, 2018

Rock Hill SC Girls on the Run 5k

I cannot believe another season has come and gone, and we all met up for another 5k!

Our team of 11 girls (minus 1) met up at Fountain Park to run our end of season celebration race. They had a new system this year for the meet up locations so that the girls could use the whole park area to dance and stretch before the race.

Unfortunately for us, our meetup flag was in front of the potties, so when everyone started lining up to use the potty, we could hardly find each other.

Before long it was time to line up for the 5k. This is a fun run, so there is no timer. Just hundreds of girls and their running buddies having a great time on a Saturday morning.

Funny story, though. As we got to the half mile point, a train started rambling by...

And then it stopped. Right in front of us. Blocking the road.

Good thing it wasn't a timed event.

Other than that, the race went well. I was testing a new watch I got that I cannot talk about yet, so I learned a bit about it during the race. I met up with some of my girls and cheered them on. I even ran with one of them for about a mile.

I finished with a decent time considering the train and the stopping to run with one of my girls. It was hot and humid, but still a great morning!

We got a cute pink tee and a swag bag along with our bling...

It came with the usual stuff... lip balm, toothbrush, coozie....

I look forward to next year!

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