Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday Training Update

Wow, I cannot believe Marine Corps Training officially starts this weekend! That's nuts! I've slowly been getting back into running from my strained tendon, and it's been rough, but I'm looking forward to following a training plan again!

Monday... I did Mirna's WAMM which was about 15 minutes long. Not too crazy. I also made it into an ad on Facebook for Skirt Sports, which was fun!

Tuesday... 3 miles at the track and day 2 of Mirna's workout!

Wednesday... 2.1 miles in the neighborhood and 30 minutes of yoga. I'm working on my 30 day streak, and I'm currently on day 9.

Thursday.... 3 miles in the hood and 30 minutes of yoga...

Friday.... 1 hour yoga class and 1 hour Body Pump

Saturday... 20 minute walk and some yoga. I volunteered at a race that day so no group run

Sunday... Mother's Day... I was registered for a 5k, but I slept in instead and had breakfast with the hubby and then went for a 5k hike to make up for it!
Also did some yoga to keep the streak alive!

Not a bad week, I gotta say! What was your favorite workout last week?

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