Thursday, June 7, 2018

Eating Healthy Lunches with Luvo Flipped Bowls

I received Luvo Flipped Bowls as part of being a BibRave Pro (ambassador). Check out to read and write race reviews!

It's no secret that I struggle daily with my food choices. If I'm having a bad day I could seriously eat cookies for lunch and be happy about it. When you're training for a marathon, you need to be fueling with healthy foods!
I've blogged about Luvo meals in the past, they are a huge favorite of mine (omg the polenta) so when I was given the chance to try out Luvo's new Flipped Bowls I was totally on board!

Pasta! I have a weakness for it, but the hubs is Italian so I've had some seriously amazing pasta in the past 20 years or so! I'm open to anything, though. Well, anything that doesn't involve seafood, anyway! Bring it on!

I started with the Pesto Sauce. All of the Flipped Bowls have chicken meatballs in them, and they are super tasty. Just the right herbs and spices! This one had whole wheat penne and it's nut free (they all are). I really enjoyed it, and it felt like a decadent lunch! At only 300 calories, I couldn't go wrong!

The next one I tried was whole wheat rotini in garlic wine sauce. Yummmmm. This one is my favorite! White beans and veggies, nut free goodness. It was so light and refreshing!

I was super worried about the Tomato Basil Sauce. This is the traditional Italian style! I didn't need to worry, though! Whole wheat penne, tomato balsamic sauce, and parmesan quinoa crust.!

I've never tried Stroganoff before, so I have nothing to compare this to. I loved it! I don't eat mushrooms so I picked them out, but there was also onions and sour cream over whole wheat rotini, with cauliflower and kale. So delicious! I was devastated when I went to the freezer and found that this was the last box. I have to check Harris Teeter to see if they have more!

If you haven't tried Luvo ready to eat meals, you are missing out! They are so nutritionally balanced, and they taste amazing. It's hard to believe they are healthy! It's amazing how many meatballs are in every meal.
Don't just take my word for it, try some today!

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