Thursday, June 14, 2018

Staying Injury Free with KT Tape

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Everyone has heard of KT Tape in the running world. I've been using it for years on those stubborn achey muscles that try and get in the way of training.
Did you know that KT Tape has started making products to prevent and protect blisters?

I know what you're thinking. What does blister prevention have to do with injury prevention. Blisters aren't really an injury.... right?

Let me tell you a little story about a fairly experienced runner who made a rookie mistake at the Chicago Marathon.

Ok, it was me. I'm the bonehead who knew that her shoes would start rubbing her toe after mile 8 or so, rubbing it raw. I had new shoes but I was worried about wearing them for a marathon on their first time out of the box. So I wore the shoes with the defect anyway. By mile 17 I was limping. By mile 20 I was in so much pain in both legs that I was crying. I cried off and on for 6.2 miles. I finished that race, though.
Fast forward a week. I'm a running coach...

One of the runners from another pace group asked me to pace her for a 13 mile run. I was only planning on doing 8. I never say no, though, so off I went. All seemed well, but because of that blister, I was overcompensating and my gait was off.
By that December I had a foot injury, a strained tendon actually, that started because of a blister.

My issues lately have been with my heel. The skin has been cracking in this crazy southern weather and it gets really sore on runs. I don't want a whole new overcompensation injury, so I have been taping it up with the blister prevention tape. It is super flexible and durable, so it wraps nicely around my foot and stays where I put it, even in this crazy humidity. It stays on for a couple days and they come in a nice plastic case that fits nicely in my running bag.

Last night was corn hole night. Random, huh? But not really. I tend to run around bare foot at these events (you can take the girl away from the Jersey Shore...) and afterwards my foot was on fire. I knew the tape wouldn't be enough so I went with the blister treatment patch this time.

These are 100% waterproof once you put them on (did I mention the humidity) and last up to 7 days! 7! The padding was just what I needed to get me through my run and I'll have it for the next few days at least while that cracked heel... heals.

I will be keeping both plastic containers in my running bag, this way I have them on hand if i need them... for me or for one of my runners... and thanks to those handy plastic cases, I won't have to dig around for loose bandages!

Thanks to the peeps at KT Tape, you can get 30% off at their site! Use the code BIBRAVE30 on the already amazing prices so that you can load your running bag with these amazing products!

Have you ever had a blister snowball into an injury?

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