Thursday, July 5, 2018

American Four Miler Recap

Yesterday I joined a large group (not all pictured) from my running club and a couple thousand others on a run through Charlotte to celebrate Independence Day!
It was warm and very humid, so I wasn't optimistic about my time. I'm trying maintain what I have dubbed Marine Corps Miles at my races, which are 14 minutes or less, the time required to beat the bridge at the Marine Corps Marathon.

I lined up at the back of the pack, where I ran into my friend Sandra. We leap frogged a bit at the beginning but eventually I lost her somewhere!

My first mile was rough. The sun came out and it got very warm, plus it was hilly as usual in Charlotte. My legs were tired from Tuesday's track workout.

The next miles got easier, the pace got a bit faster, and the crowd around me got even thinner.
Mile 4 was by far the best mile. It was mostly down hill and my pace was close to 13 minutes!

Check out my final time!

Marine Corps Miles baby!

The bling was pretty awesome as well!

I was glad to be done, I'm not gonna lie. I was also glad that I had clothes and a towel for changing in the parking garage before I drove home!

Did you run a race on Independence Day?

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