Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Working Out with Karma Rings

I received a set of Karma Rings as part of being a Bibrave Pro (Ambassador). Check out BibRave.com to read and write race reviews!

If you do any kind of weight workouts, whether it's with a barbell, kettlebell, or hand weights, you know it is damaging to your rings!

Frequent use can bend your rings, scratch them, and you can even cut up your hands. I had bought some cheap rubber rings from Amazon but they were too thick and bulky, and I was in the market for something more delicate looking.

The Karma Rings come in 2 different color combos for women. I chose the Cinnamon set because I like earth tones. You can also choose Pearl White which has a white base and pale colored inserts.

I wore it to my first ever Spin Class, which was a smart choice considering how tightly I was gripping those handlebars!

I also wear them running and let me tell you why. If you live anywhere that gets hot and humid, you already understand! Your fingers become little sausages and your rings can get very tight. The Karma Rings are way easier to remove after a day like that and you don't get that tightness in your fingers!

I use the middle section that stores the base ring to hold my wedding rings, so I never have to worry about forgetting where I put them when I come back! The convenient and oh so pretty case also fits easily into my gym bag!

So let's get down to the fun little details.

Karma Rings are hypoallergenic and nonporous, so they don't absorb germs, smells, or chemicals you might encounter while wearing them. They are super durable but they feel so light and smooth!
Karma also sells Solo rings if you prefer solids and they make rings for Men as well, in singles and duos.

Check them all out at the store and use the code BIBRAVE33 for 33% off! Such an amazing deal and shipping is crazy affordable!

What color would you get first?

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