Thursday, August 16, 2018

Being Kind to Yourself, Marathon Training Edition

Last weekend was my longest run to date for this marathon training plan. My running club was taking a field trip and we had 3 routes to do. One was a 5k, one was 5 miles, and one was 8 miles. My plan was to attempt 16, but settle for 14 if I wasn't feeling it.

Warm up lap done, and on to the first 5 miles. I had a group of 3, and we were running a roughly 16 minute mile. Once we reached the meet up point for each loop, one went home, one went to run 2 on his own, and the other came with me for the 5k loop.

This was a trail loop, we got lost, but I somehow made it into a 3 mile run, so we had 8 total. She was done and I was on my own. I decided to do an out and back for 4 more miles and then I would figure out my next move from there.

I don't know what happened, but by the 11th mile I was just done. I walked the 12th mile and then sat in my car and cried.

I wasn't seeing that I had completed 12 miles. All I saw was that I didn't do 14. I beat myself up the whole way home.

How am I going to do MCM if I cannot even do 14 miles?
What haven't I been training harder?
I don't do enough cross training.
Everyone else did 16, why didn't I do my 14?

I drove home and went to record my run in my journal.

See those pink numbers? That's my charity training plan mileage. The 16 is what my running club plans for the fasties who run 50 miles a week.


I beat myself up. I cried. For nothing. I actually did exactly what I was supposed to do.

Even so, what if I was just having an off day? It happens all the time. Did beating myself up change anything? Nope.

We need to be kinder to ourselves, y'all. Life is too short to cry over a bad run!

Have you ever beat yourself up over a bad workout?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Facing My Fears 2018 August Edition

Way back in January, I decided that I was going to do something every month that scared me. Some of them are truly terrifying to me and some of them are things that intimidate me.

Zip lining started off terrifying and ended up being exhilarating. Aerial yoga was a little scary, a lot of fun, but really hard on my healing foot so I only went once.

I've done some scary things that weren't on the list as well, like traveling to Asheville NC to spend the week with 20 strangers at the Slow AF Trail Retreat with Mirna Valerio. And met some of the most amazing women ever, who I know will be lifelong friends.

I tried exercise classes that intimadated me, like Pure Barre and Spin.

When I was first making the list and not really sure how to fill all 11 months left in the year, a friend suggested the Mile High Bridge at Grandfather Mountain.

While I'm not exactly afraid of heights, I do have a healthy fear of falling from them, if that makes any sense, and this bridge definitely made me equal parts nervous and excited.

I dragged the hubs along with me and called it a date day, and we drove the 2+ hours through the Blue Ridge Parkway to get there. So.gorgeous.

The temp actually dropped 20 degrees as we drove up the mountain!

The hubs informed me that he would not be going across the bridge, as he is hugely afraid of heights, but as we approached he decided to give it a try.

As we stood there, counting the number of people on the bridge, (maximum of 40 at a time, people!) We could hear the bridge twanging and creaking. It was a little disconcerting, I'm not gonna lie.

The mile high section is about 2/3 of the way across. The view was amazing, but that twang!

The only twang I wanna hear is in a country song, thank you very much!

Of course, once we made it across, we had to wander about for a little while...

And then go back.... you know, across the terrifying bridge...

I had a pit in my stomach the whole time, but it was so worth it! The hubs even had a good time, and was a good sport about getting a jump shot pic afterwards.

3rd try was the charm!
I'm still in shock that he went across with me, my fear facing abilities must be rubbing off on him!
Next month I participate in my first triathlon. I'm not super fond of swimming, so once I get that out of the way, the bicycling and running will be a breeze!

Have you ever faced a fear?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Heading down the Tobacco Road in 2019

I received free entry to the Tobacco Road Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

When you run with a running club, there are certain races that get talked about more than others! Tobacco Road is definitely one of them.

Why? It's pretty simple. When you live in the Carolinas, most of your runs are pretty hilly. Especially in the Charlotte area!
Tobacco Road is known for being fast, flat, and fun.

You run 8 miles on the ATT. That's the American Tobacco Trail.
It's a Boston Qualifier.
There are very few hills and the finish is downhill. Down.hill. yessssss.
Minimal turns on paved roads and very little traffic on the course. This is huge, y'all.
USATF certified course.

Now let's talk about the best part...
I get to run with this girl...

Ok, let's be honest. We will start together, but her speedy quick feet will be way too fast for me. She will be running her first marathon at Tobacco Road, so I will also be making all.the.signs. for the hubs and I to hold up at the finish. I'm sure I won't have to wait long for her to arrive.
We don't get to attend the same races that often, and when we do, she always waits and takes finisher photos for me. I love that I finally get to reciprocate.

I won't actually be training for Tobacco Road, however. I will be running my first 50k two months later and this will be part of my training for that.

Luckily, it's a cut back week, and I will just walk 3 miles after the race to make it 16. My training for the 50k will have me more than ready.

Will you be joining me? The next price increase is August 31, so don't wait long!
Use the discount code trmrave19 to get $20 off of your registration. That is super generous, I'm so excited to that that with all of you!

Who will I see on race day?

Friday, August 3, 2018

Running the Marine Corps Marathon for MDA

It's no secret that I run my marathons for MDA Team Momentum!

I ran NYC 2016 and Chicago 2017 with Team Momentum.

I've met my minimum for MCM but I never stop there. My Dad has Myasthenia Gravis, a form of MD, so I will always be trying to help find a cure and raise money so kids with MD can go to camp!

Want to help out? You can donate at Http://

I have been making items in exchange for donations, so if that's something you'd like to do, here are some of the items I can make...

Email me at fle details!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

31 Days of Skirt Sports

During the month of July, the Skirt Sports Ambassadors all get together and share our love of the Skirt in a 31 day challenge.

It's a lot of fun and sometimes you have to get pretty creative. Here are just a few of my faves.....

What's your favorite Skirt Sports gear?