Thursday, April 15, 2021

Star Wars Rival Run Virtual 10k

 The great thing about virtual races is that you can do them anywhere.... even if you are on your way to Disney anyway! We decided to drive partway to Disney yesterday and stop overnight on Amelia Island. We had a great dinner, walked the beach and then went to bed... not too early. 

We got up this morning around 7, and we’re out the door by 7:30. We walked the first 2.9ish miles on the beach, but my poor knees had enough, and we got off the beach and hit the road. The road miles were a lot easier! Florida beaches have very firm sand, but it’s still an unstable surface, and that is rough on arthritic knees!

After we finished the miles and took showers, we headed to Disney. We will walk the second part of the Rival Run Challenge on Saturday: the half marathon. Stay tuned!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Medal Monday, Virtual Women’s Half Edition


Over the weekend, I walked the Virtual Women’s Half Marathon 10k  with my friend Randi. Lissa (Runnerdgirl) put on the event in Rock Hill SC and it was a beautiful course. I took zero pictures! Randi and I were just having a good time, and I totally forgot! 

We did have a really good average pace at the end. We were legit power walking. My stumpy little legs were working hard! 

The start was at Fountain Park, which is one of my favorite parts of Rock Hill!

Lissa took finisher photos! I always look the same, only the outfits change!

We saw this art after the race, when we went to brunch. Brunch is important. 

And we were still smiling when we finished!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Fiction Friday

It’s Fiction Friday! I haven’t done one of these in awhile and let me tell you why. I have a reputation among my friends for being a crazy reader, and they’re not wrong. I’ve already read close to 60 books this year. The problem is, I’m pretty easily amused. I have loved books that others have hated and I’ve been meh about books that others have loved. 
That’s how it should be. 
Books are like movies in that respect. No two people are always going to agree or disagree about books they love. It’s just not possible. I belong to a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to reading. My biggest pet peeve is when someone rates a book and everyone starts saying that they are removing that book from their TBR pile. Why? Because some random stranger hated it? That’s ridiculous! Buy the book. Or borrow it from the library. You decide for yourself if it’s worth reading. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to avoid book reviews. I just don’t think they should alter your decisions 100%. 
If someone loved a book, I’ll read the plot description and decide for myself . Maybe it will look good. Maybe it won’t. 
All that being said, here’s what is going on in my book life right now:

This book was on my TBR list and then OUABC made a box out of it. Score! Want to try them out? Use BARKINGMADRUN10 at checkout for 10% off. I’m legit dying while waiting for their Bridgerton box to ship.

A display at the Blue Bicycle in Charleston. It’s so pretty!!

My book haul from my Charleston weekend. These all came from the various stores and LFL that I visited. 

Y’all.  A book bus. I’m dying. The owner had all children’s books and YA, so I bought a YA book. This bus can be found around Mount Pleasant. She posts to her Facebook page with locations.

I finally caved and bought the mysterious Octunnumi. The first chapter was awesome, and now I have to wait for Morgan to read it so I can move on to Chapter 2. Chapter one was awesome and has me so ready for chapter 2!

We found this LFL by mistake on the Isle of Palms. It had a hook for your dog leash so that you could properly peruse it. I got Running With Scissors from this LFL, which looks interesting!

This YA book was a back issue from OUABC that I used a gift card to purchase. It was super cute, and the gifts were adorable as well. Was the story a little predictable at times? Yes. Did I binge read most of it so that I could find out what happens? Also yes.

Current read. Well, one of them anyway. This is book 4 in a series that I’m really loving. I definitely enjoy a good magical book. Yesterday, I got my birthday bundtlet and used a birthday gift card at Starbucks and read out on the Starbucks patio. It was delightful!

Another current read. I’m reading this one a chapter a day, since it’s not a quick read. 

This bookstore was in Mount Pleasant. We came here right after we found that LFL, and I got a bunch of used cozies here! It is a recycled reading store and the books are organized by genre. I’m glad I had my handy dandy book list with me for easier shopping! 

This was a quick read. Lots of anecdotes about readers that had me nodding my head with glee. It’s like she can see into my soul. The author is the founder of the blog “Modern Mrs Darcy” which I’ve been following for a few years. 

What are you reading right now?