Monday, January 21, 2019

Training Update

Another great week of workouts! I'm so tired all of the time, but I'm seeing progress, which makes it all worth it. Eventually, my body will get used to it, and I really look forward to that day. Until then, I will push through the spaghetti arms and weak abs!

Monday, Hope and I went to Burn Boot Camp for an upper body workout. At one point, Ryne even made me stop doing plank ups on my knees. He's so mean.

Tuesday was track workout day. I ran 3 miles with my pace group and one mile solo.

Wednesday I started the day teaching yoga, and then continued on with Wellness Wednesday with breakfast at Panera and a good book. My favorite day of the week!

Thursday, we did hill repeats. 3 miles with my pace group, then Hope and I went to Burn Boot Camp for the Pyramid of Terror, and then I taught yoga that night. These trifecta are gonna kill me one of these days. I gotta get my butt to Burn on Wednesdays!

Friday I was exhausted so I didn't do any actual workout, but I did walk around Charlotte after the expo.

Saturday was the Hot Chocolate 15k and a race PR. Woohoo!

Sunday we played laser tag and bowled with friends!

What was your favorite workout this week?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hot Chocolate 15k Charlotte Recap

***I received entry into the Hot Chocolate 15k as part of being a BibRave Pro. (Ambassador). Check out to find and write race reviews.***

I carpooled into Charlotte yesterday morning for the 15k with my friend Jackie. It is so much better driving to an unfamiliar place with a friend. I know a few parts of Charlotte really well, But there are so many parts I have never been to. Luckily, we both recognized the area once we go there. We met up with a bunch of friends from Run For Your Life, Skirt Sports, and some fellow BibRave Pros. It was great to meet Alastair and Deeane for the first time!

 Once all of the pics were taken, we made our way to the start. The 5k started at 7:30 and then the 15k runners could line up. We knew that we would be hanging out at the back, since Anna hadn't been running much lately. I was hoping to beat last year's time, it was one of my goals this year. Going in, I thought I needed to beat 2:17, so that was my goal. Susie and I got a quick selfie, so she could run her own intervals. We saw her a lot during the race, but she eventually pulled ahead.

 Not long after we started, so did the rain. Luckily, it was off and on, and never really very hard. More of a mist, actually. Also, there was candy. Every 2 miles. I love this race.

 Anna and I talked about all sorts of interesting things, which made the time go by so much faster, and we were hovering around 14:30 pretty much the whole time.

We also saw 4 Little Free Libraries, although I only took a pic of one of them, arguably the coolest one.

Isn't it beautiful?
The course was way more scenic than last year, although it was also hillier. Ugh. It definitely aggravated my plantar fasciitis, but I wasn't in any actual pain during the run. Definitely an improvement!

Soon we were in the last mile, and I realized I was headed for a race PR. Anna decided to walk the last bit, but I charged ahead. Of course, the race finished uphill. Oh my heck!

I totally beat the 2:17, and after I got home I realized that it was actually 2:19 that I needed to beat!

The line for the post race chocolate was short and moved quickly, and it was so yummy. I gave my banana away, but I ate the rest. Yum!

There was also a food truck, a tent to look up your results with a photo opp, and heating lamps. So much fun! The water stops were well manned, and the course always felt safe. Our lane was always blocked off with cones whenever we were running alongside traffic.  The scenery was ah-mazing and race photos are free. I had most of them in an email before I even got home. These are just some of the reasons I love Hot Chocolate races!

Look at that bling! I have already marked my calendar for next year's race on February 22nd!
I may have needed a little ice on my foot last night, but it was so worth it, and I am in no pain today at all!

Have you ever run a Hot Chocolate Race? What city?

Friday, January 18, 2019

Flat Mama Friday and the Hot Chocolate Expo

***I received entry into the Hot Chocolate Charlotte 15k as part of being a BibRave Pro (Ambassador). Check out to find and write race reviews.***

Hot Chocolate is one of my favorite race series. Where else can you run 15k through a fun city, while eating chocolate on the course? That's right! Not only do they give you chocolate on the course, but also after you finish!

Lissa (RunNerdGirl) and I met up at the Convention Center just as the expo was opening. Ok, so we met up at the Starbucks in the lobby. A girl needs her iced tea, y'all.

After we had our beverages, we headed into the expo...

But first, a photo opp!

Next we picked up our bibs. I love their system! You go on any line (there weren't any when we arrived, so we walked right up), show them the QR code from your email, and they print a label and slap it on the first bib in their pile. I had my bib, and my friend Teddy's, in about 2 minutes. Mostly because I wasted 30 seconds searching for his QR code in my Facebook messages.
Next, you go into the expo and pick up your hoodie. Oh my heck, this hoodie is amazing. It is so soft and cozy and it has thumb holes. Thumb.Holes.

After we collected our hoodies, we wandered the expo, and by that I mean we loitered around the chocolate table...

So yummy. It is a chocolate themed race, after all!
After we wandered a bit more, we walked a few blocks to Teddy's hotel, and left his bag at the desk, before Lissa took the train back home.

I went to Amelie's for a quick pick me up before I made the long drive back home.

I have my Flat Mama all ready for tomorrow morning...

Are you racing this weekend?

Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday Training Update

The new running season had started, and this is usually when I stop doing any other form of exercise. Not for any particular reason, mostly just laziness.

I have been making an effort to change that, and I had a pretty good week!

Monday I went to Burn Boot Camp. I signed up for their new 6 week program, Raise the Bar. I can go as often as I want for 6 weeks, my goal is at least twice a week, hopefully 3 times. The first day was upper body and I just about died. Each day of the week there is a chance to improve on a certain exercise. Mondays it is the number of push ups, without quitting, in 2 minutes. I did 21, on my knees. Let's not go crazy. I did manage to increase that to 25 this morning!

Tuesday, the new running season was in full swing. I got up in the dark, ran three miles in the dark, and drove the dark. I have a runner who is brand new, so my times will be slower until she gets in her groove. She is doing so well already!

Wednesday. Ahhh what a day. As I was getting ready to teach yoga, my son calls out to me that he needed help. He had been wrestling with his puppy and she scratched his nose. Deep. Like, blood dripping from his face deep. So, instead of teaching yoga I was in urgent care. We did end up taking the little face wrecker on a hike later that day.

Thursday was a trifecta day. First, I went for another dark run.

Then Hope and I went to Burn, since we missed it on Wednesday. It was a lot of ab work. A lot. I managed 72 v-ups in 2 minutes, doing one leg at a time.

Then I taught yoga. Yikes that was painful!

Friday I took a break. Thursday was rough on the old body, and I had a big day on Saturday as well.

Saturday was long run day. I have such a great group of ladies this season, and they are all at different levels, so we did several loops on the Greenway to accommodate everyone.

Saturday night I went to a friend's birthday party, and we all went roller skating! So fun, but it made my shins hurt!

Sunday we went grocery shopping, walked the dogs, and then I went to see Gone With the Wind at the local movie theater. Perfect end to the week!

What was your favorite workout this week?