Monday, November 3, 2014

Biggest Loser Six Flags 5k

I am so glad it's Daylight Savings!!! 
I rolled out of bed this morning at 6:20 to get ready for the Biggest Loser 5k at Six Flags Great Adventure.
My teenie was supposed to come but she had laryngitis, so she bailed. Luckily, my friend Shannon was running, and we met up with Meridith from Scootadoot. 

Shannon and i were running the 5k and Meri was running the 10k. We decided to stick together for the first half and then Meri would do the second loop alone. 
While we waited to start, I took a pic of the scenery.

And more scenery...

Dan Evans!!!
The race started fifteen minutes late. They were letting people use the porta potties, which was frustrating, mostly because it was cold! Freezing cold!
Finally we started! The course started in the parking lot, brought us through the park, and into the woods behind it. 
The trail was muddy in a lot of spots, and it was slow going at times!
Somewhere around mile two, Meri fell so we stopped and walked a bit because she tweaked her ankle.
Shannon took this pic:

After a bit of walking we started running again, through the park where we stopped for a photo op....

Just before the finish we ran past the monkeys!

Meri decided to stop at the 5k point, so she wouldn't cause any more damage to her poor ankle! Time to finish and get our bling!

Meri went for ice and Shannon and i went for a photo.

A little far away! A random stranger took this for me, so I can't complain. 
Time to stalk poor Dan! I thanked him for motivating me at Erie last year and we took a photo.

We were cold so we went right back to the car, and went to our beach club for breakfast and mimosas.

After a shower I checked out my swag....

Overall a great race and I look forward to more in the future!

Have you ever run a Biggest Loser race?


  1. I ran one in VT and it had a chair lift in the middle. I signed up for one this summer in NY but it got canceled.

    1. a friend of mine did that one, she was not a fan!

  2. It looks like I missed out on the best part - MIMOSAS!!!

    So glad that we were able to meet up and definitely grateful that we were together when I fell, otherwise I'm pretty sure there would have been tears and I might have curled up in a little ball on the side of the lake and just stayed there forever. ;)

    1. I am so glad we ran together, and hoping your foot is feeling better!

  3. MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I will not comment on my biggest loser opinion :)

    1. I know! Poor Gigi! Next time it comes here we can do the 10K and run past the monkeys twice!