Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Goals

How is tomorrow March already?
I'm working on my March Goals, so here is a breakdown on what I've accomplished so far this year....
I raised $1400 for MDA. Holy heck y'all this was a huge surprise. It happened so quickly! My new goal is $2000 and I'm almost there already. I'm at $1800 right now.

I PRd my four mile distance. Another surprise. This happened in January so I may have mentioned it already.

I got a job as a paid running coach. This also happened in January! I'm loving my work with the PG Speed Demons. This season is almost over, but there will be a summer and Fall season as well.

Reach 500 days logged on MFP. Wow! Aiming for 750 next, which will take all year.

3000 Instagram followers. This took awhile. I set a new goal of 3250 but we will see if I reach it. If not, it's all good.

Things I'm struggling with:
a pull up. I'm not working on upper body strength at all. Fail.
Monthly challenges. Ugh. I need to pick one for March and stick with it. Maybe abs....
30 day yoga streak. I always seem to miss a day. Plus, long runs. Who wants yoga after that? I just want a couch.

Lose 5 pounds. I actually did. And then gained back a pound. Sooooo do I count it? ugh again.

Complete Core de Force. I love it. Once a week. This could take awhile.

I ran almost 69 miles in February, I would love to hit 75 in March.

I am on track for my 1000 deliberate miles and my 2000 fit bit miles, so I hope to keep that up.

I want to attend weekly Weight Watcher meetings and one Find your Me meeting.

I want to read two more books. I have all the time in the world but I seem to waste it binge watching NCIS. Wait. Gibbs. So not a total waste....

I think that's it for now. Have to made your goals for March yet? Do you make monthly goals?

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  1. I dont know why but if I set up a challenge or goal for myself I am pretty much setting myself up for failure....so strange.

    1. this happens to me as well, why do we do that? I'm so determined to do it and it just falls to the side!