Wednesday, March 15, 2017

France2 Sunglasses by XX2i Optics

***I received a pair of France2 sunglasses from XX2i as a BibRave Pro. Check out to review or learn about your next race!***

Do you run with sunglasses on? I used to, almost every run, with a headband to keep my hair out of my face. Inevitably, they would get scratched up (I'm a hot mess with sunglasses, and they always seem to scratch right in the middle of the lens), or they would constantly slide off, or the arms would hurt my ears. There was no such thing as the perfect pair.

When I received the France 2 sunglasses, I was cautiously optimistic. My friends were raving about them, but I had some concerns. The old standbys of course, but I was also worried that they wouldn't work well with my earphones, which loop around my ear. I thought for sure they would clash with each other, and a girl needs music when she's running 10+ miles on a Saturday morning!

Of course, I receive the glasses and it's cloudy out. For days. I finally got outside and did some hill work on a nice warm day. I could dispel most of my concerns in one run.

*France 2 sunglasses are pretty hard to scratch. If you manage it (and I haven't yet so I have hope for all) they have a lifetime warranty!
*They just don't slip. They stayed right where I put them. One morning I ran 4 miles with them on the top of my head and 4 miles wearing them on my face and they stayed put the whole time.
*They didn't interfere with my headphones at all. They also didn't leave a huge dent in my head, which is always a plus.
*They don't fog up!
*They come with a hard case, a soft carrying bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth, adjustable temple tips and nose pads, and you can also get interchangeable lenses.

They come in some fun, bright colors, as well as black or white. Check out the website for their other products as well. They have so many varieties of sunglasses, as well as kits with spare lenses, and glasses for other sports as well.

I'm slightly addicted now, my poor trucker hats and visors are going to gather up some dust, since I'll be sporting these shades on a lot of my morning runs! It gets pretty sunny here in the South, and now that I have glasses that won't slip off when my nose gets sweaty, I'm excited to wear them.

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses? I highly suggest hopping over to XX2i, and getting 30% off your first order! The discount pops up when you go their website!
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