Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15K... 2018

I was given entry into the Hot Chocolate Atlanta 15k as a Bib Rave Pro. Check out to write and read about races.

I love the HOT Chocolate Series, so when I got the chance to run as a Bib Rave Pro, I was more than ready! I immediately signed up for the Atlanta race because I can drive there, since moving to South Carolina. Running the HC Series in a new city is going to be quite an adventure.

I have run this race twice in Philadelphia. It's my birthday weekend, so running and eating junk food was obviously the right choice.

The race is always full of fun costumes as well. You know how much I love to dress up for races!

I also love running with friends, and I hope to meet some of my fellow Pros at this event!

Check out that discount code!
Let's not forget the bling....

Last year, they had some bling stolen, but they made sure we all got it in the mail, along with some extra swag. Very awesome!
The race is so well run, and the treats are amazing. It really can't be beat!
About 12 weeks before the race, I will be sent a training plan, which I'm sure I will have no problem following! I'll be training for Chicago and then the Goofy Challenge, so I'll be ready!

Will I see you there on January 21, 2018?
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  1. Yay! I'm running the Philly Hot Chocolate for the first time this coming weekend and I'm pumped. I remember you saying that you loved it so I know I will too. :)

    1. ohhh I do love it. I'm doing it again in 2018. I wish I could do it this weekend, I'll actually be in NJ Saturday night, I didn't want to skip coaching that morning though.